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Hi Teha,
Thank you again so very much for your incredible insight!  Most appreciated!
We picked up some Basil Oil and Jacklyn has already given Cash a rub down on the areas you mentioned.
We like Riva's Remedies and I will pick up some Calm-Aid (Irvines in Crossfield) and will look for the Peace and Calming Oil in our travels as well.
You were so correct about no treats for Cash!  He is a treat monster!  We only give him that type of stuff in his bucket in his pen.  If hand feed him a crunchy he is constantly bugging to see if you have more! 
I do believe all our questions have been answered!  Jackie loves the "handsome boy" :)
Take care and thank you again !
Joanne/Jacklyn March 2015

Hi Teha!

Just a little update on Steady! We attended a clinic this weekend and did amazing! Things have been going so great since your reading I really do believe it helped so much and the chiro and cranial work she continues to recieve!! No bucking in almost two months!! :) I'm so happy to have my horse back! I know she's happy! 

Brittany, November 2014


OMG Teha this explains so much! Thank you so much. And that's so funny because everytime I do ride in it when I ride more towards the horn it feels better! So bang on! Thanks a bunch :)

Jenna, May 2014 


Hi Teha,

 You're a miracle worker! Flint has been working awesome(not bucking anymore).  He's been ridden 3 times and has loped nicely collected, is doing sliding stops again, rollbacks, turn on the haunches and side passing. Robyn is so thrilled.  She has her horse back! Thank you sooo much.  We will definitely recommend you to others. 

Thanks again.

Margaret and Robyn

Thanks for coming out on Saturday. 

My mare is a different horse now, she was loping and carrying on in the field which I havent seen since spring. I rode her on Sunday afternoon and she seemed much better. There was still some hesitation to descending down hills, but it may be sore muscles in her back hip from being out for so long. I will keep an eye on her for the next while.

I will probably get you to come back out in a couple of months to check her over and adjust a couple more that were not done this time.

Thanks again.


Teha has worked with four of our horses over the past five years. Her manner with our horses is quiet, focused and sensible. She communicates with us directly and simply and always offers supportive information, suggestions and follow up activities. We have seen both immediate and long term improvement in our horses following her adjustments and we will continue to rely on her as a critical part of our herd health program.

Kristen Cumming
Delta Farm


I have a 22 year old mare 'Santanna' that had been lame from a shoe being put on incorrectly approx. June 2009. She was noticably lame in her front shoulders for 8 months. I had the vet look at her and give her drugs which was a quick fix for the day but not a long term fix. I was running out of ideas until I met Teha. She quickly came out to see my mare and after one session of a chiropractic adjustment my mare was feeling great and running around pain free! She is currently being rode in a high pace rodeo drill team and is out running and outlasting horses half her age. She has not been lame since the adjustment. She is on a balanced diet and absolutely NO drugs. Teha was truly a life saver! If it wasn't for her santanna might not of been able to live her life to the fullest, and I would of sadly had to make a decision on quailty of life for the horse. I will defiantly have Teha back for all my horses!! Big big thank you!

 Jenna Vincent


Thank you so much for your insight Teha  - this was so entertaining!!!  And their comments fit in so well with their personality!  I have only had Dan for a couple of years now and we are still learning about each other, so what he has told you helps me so much!  He is such a character and I love him dearly!  Sierra on the other hand I have had all of her life – she is actually a foal out of my great barrel horse, so we are very attached.  It brought a tear to my eye to hear what she had to say about me – it is wonderful news that she feels the same way about me as I feel about her!!!  I just want to say thank you for all of your information – I will definitely be in touch again soon!


Thank you so much – your talents are amazing!!!


Terri Schaeffer 



I highly recommend Teha to anyone.  She provided valuable insights and support during my time of need with my horse.  I was struggling with catching my horse (one of many problems but the most annoying!), and was completely stuck.  She gave me great suggestions and was always available to help and listen.  My horse has made improvements in leaps and bounds since Teha’s help.   He is back to being the part of my day that I look forward to instead of the part that I dread and worry about.  I am so grateful for everything she has done for us.

Kate & Apollo

 I have a beautiful two year old Saint Bernard named Susie. She had hurt her hind paw and was limping. The limp had gotten worse to the point of her packing her foot. I took Susie to the vet and was told she had hip displaisia and would need a very expensive operation. I talked to my friend who mentioned Teha to me and said she had helped her dog. I phoned her and got her to see what was needed for Susie. Teha recommended Raindrop Technique to get the infection and swelling out from between her hips. This swelling had caused the hip to be pushed out of place. I should mention that I had taken Susie to see a animal chiropractor and she had pulled me out of his office as quick as she could as well as the fact that Susie is never, ever still at any time. When Teha and her Raindrop partner, Jackie Powell came out, Susie was excited and very cooperative. She lay still and allowed the girls to do whatever they needed to do. I was very happy with Susie's reaction to the treatment. Over the next couple of weeks she improved steadily. Then I took Susie to see Teha again as she had said once the swelling was down she would need her hip put back in. Once again Susie was a happy receptive patient(she lay right on Teha). Once the hip was back in and a couple oils applied to her hip, Susie jumped up and began playing with Teha's young boys. I was so happy. Teha and Jackie sent home a Young Living Essential Oil to apply daily until the limping was gone. I am thrilled to report that within one week of the hip reset, Susie is barely limping and is her happy, joy-filled self again. Thank you so much Teha for giving my dog back again. 

Love, Joyce and Susie. October 2010.

Hey there, I just wanted to say thanks again for coming out and working with my boys. I could tell by the time we turned them out Trail was back to himself and Kirby, when Cass let him go was back to standing there looking at her like mmmmmm you can just stand here and pet me: I am good, instead of bolting from her. Cass was so impressed with the way you went back and made sure Kirby was his best before you left and Gabbi was giggly all day after getting to ride Trail finally!!! So thank you!!!! There is nothing I wont do for my babys to make sure they are happy and healthy.

Candace.  November 25, 2010

Hey Teha!!
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the great help and communication you have provided for me and shadow!
Just wanted to let ya know that we had a great showing this weekend at the college rodeo finals in edmonton, we were in the top 3 in the barrels and Walked away with the college rodeo pole bending title!! It was so exciting!! Shadow did amazing.. he was focused and worked hard!! Im so super proud of him !! If you can let him know that for me that would be awesome !!
Thank you so much for helping us get to this victory !! You are definitly a huge part of our success team!!
Joelle and Shadow  March, 2011

Hi Teha! 
I wanted to let you know how well the boys did today! Idaho knocked a second & 4 tenths off of his time from a month ago and Dan took off another 3 tenths!

More importantly, Idaho & I have had a great week and he was laid back and relaxed today with a pile more horses in the arena. I felt really good and I think he did too!

And Dan, well, he ran the best today that he has EVER run in that arena! It was the closest we have ever gotten to that clean smooth run! And I felt I could ride him a lot better in the new saddle, so pretty pleased with that! He warmed up really well and stayed so nice and collected the entire time. The only question I have on Dan is if his teeth are bothering him specifically on the right side? He was way better on the 2nd barrel today & I really focused on bumping him all the way around the barrel with my outside leg. But on the back side he was still getting a little high headed for a couple of strides and it takes away a lot of momentum. Today I really noticed in the videos how high he gets coming out of 2 & 3 versus the 1st, and suddenly started to wonder if the teeth are specifically worse on that side. I'm going to get him booked in this week, but just wanted to check in with you.

Thanks a pile for everything Teha - you are so instrumental in our successes!

Terri April 2011
Hi Teha,

Just thought I would update you on Jazz. I have taken him out for two
rides, not been to the arena yet, but maybe next week. I could really
notice a difference on the trail though. He was so much lighter in
responding, so bendy and flexible. I think he is carrying himself
differently. I think he is so much happier, he was excited to get out,
He let me know he was feeling goooood! I have loped him and he
started out fast and rushy but then just settled into the most
beautiful lope I have yet to feel on him. It was amazing! Loose rein
even, just gliding across the land. I am so excited!
Thanks again for everything!

Kathy Sept. 2011

Heres one more for yea!

So just recently bought this OTTB mare, she was born on February 13, 2007. shes had a total of 5 starts, no wins. 
She's a very sweet mare, i don't know much about her. wondering what she wants/needs, how shes feeling, if she would be into being a barrel horse. 

Thanks Teha, what you do is amazing and i pass you along to all my friends that need help
Have a good day :)

Karly Aug. 2012

Thank u thank u thank u for the reading 

I went for a ride last night and shadow and I felt like we did a couple months ago !! .... The stress around his eye is gone and I was relaxed .. I didn't realize until last night how much stress I was carrying about the whole situation ! 

Thank u !

Joelle Sept. 2012

Thanks so much for your insight and help. Wow you have really explained Dakota and my daughter so well. I have been getting at her about being a leader too! And she loves Dakota very much also because I have asked to maybe sell him because of his issue and she says absolutely no!!     
Thanks again,

Nicole Jan. 2013

Oh my god, you defined my reno spot on! Ha ha. She is very quirky and I miss her dearly as well. I can't believe some of the things you picked up on her! Amazing!!!

Jenna Jan. 2013
Wanted to let you know that I took your advice and have Boomer in a different saddle pad.  It has made a difference.  Also
Boomer is now inside for the winter and goes out into his paddock during the day.  He seems a lot happier and now shares this 
pen with a few buddies.!!!He has also fallen in love with a big dark pregnant mare that is stabled right next to him in the 
barn. Needless to say he is very happy there too! :-)Thanks again Teha and I wanted to let you know that I passed
your name along to most of the girls in the barn and we have all had lots of fun discussing your thoughts on our 
horses. ! I also wanted to let you know that Rocky has been adjusted and is feeling much better.  We are getting him 
a new blanket this week.!!! Have a happy new year and if I have any questions in the future I will be sure to contact 
Happy Holidays,
From Gigi Dec 2013