Help with your Horse


I have many services I am able to provide to those living within Central Alberta. Clinics are available pretty much anywhere I can drive or fly. Other services can be provided worldwide. I am a practicing Touch for Health Practitioner witch includes chiropractic and accupressure. I am also a experienced rider, trainer and instructor. Horses are my passion so I would love to to help you with your horse in whatever capacity is needed. I have expanded to working with and doing reading for dogs and cats. This just sort of landed in my lap but I am very excited about it. If you would like information about any of your pets, I would be happy to help.

 *** New The Authentic Horsemanship Clinic      Prices from $200 & up

The clinic is basically this...A two day clinic with 4 half hour sessions of you riding your horse. I am on the ground giving you the horse's feedback. Each horse has very specific ideas about how they should be ridden. Once you are riding your horse the way they feel is best, the transformation is amazing. Sometimes they want something as simple as more leg, or quieter hands. Other times, it may be lots of praise when doing what you want or even more bling for their equipment. lol. Example of results have been from a horse not cantering a complete circle to jumping a line of 2'6" fences at the end of the clinic. Another gal shaved a full half second off a barrel run. Every horse has very interesting and useful things they would like their rider to know. There is always a better connection between horse and rider after the clinic. I am thoroughly excited about this new service.

 Horse Chiropractic            $75.00/treatment

Working with horses who are limping, stiff, bucking or have a sudden change in behavior. One treatment is often very effective. If the horse is chronic or injury is severe, multiple sessions may be required. Once I see the horse I will be able to tell you how many treatments are needed.










 Behavior Modification      $75.00/personal session                                                 $40.00/distance session

Working with horse who are grumpy, bucking, kicking, hard to catch, etc. My unique connection with horses allows me to know why a horse is misbehaving and what he needs in order to change. Once you have the much needed information, the behavior will change often dramatically.






Problem Solving       $75.00 personal session                                  $40.00/distance session

Any question, any problem, any confusion, I can give you clarity where your horse is concerned. Whether you just want to know if he likes his name or why he always spooks at bicyles, I will be able to give you the answer. This is unique skill that prompted me to create this website. I feel it is important to help all horse owners understand their horse better







 Body Balancing                  $75.00/treatment               

Sometimes your horse is not out or sore, but just not feeling well. He may need a drain of his lymphatic system, help with his digestive system or to reconnect his nerves to his ribcage My Touch for Health skills enable me to help your horse feel like himself  again.












Horse Training                     $1500.00 per month

I would like to explain that I am really good at finishing horses. I am not selling myself as a person who wants to start horses or break them. I would love to help you get your horse to going better or make him quieter. I can teach your horse to jump or the barrel pattern, things like that. Horses respond very well to my training techniques. Again, if your horse is not started already, I am not willing to take him.






 Chronic or Difficult Cases          $450.00 per week

I will take your horse to my home for a week or more and treat him everyday. I can do excercises with your horse and communicate daily to make sure he is getting exactly what he needs. You will find yourself with a different horse when I am through. This is the best way to deal with a horse who has a long term problem or a chronic unsoundness.










Raindrop Technique                   $150.00 per horse

This is a healing technique developed by the Lakota Indian many years ago. They used the power of the Northern Lights and hand movements to promote healing. The technique used now was developed by the creator of Young Living Essential Oils with guidance of the Lokatas. The horses respond amazingly quick with profound healing to the sequence of oils and massage techniques that go along with it. This is a very exciting new way for me to help your horses. The cost is higher because Raindropping horses requires two people.



I am now able to accept credit cards on site with the Square service.  Send me an email if you are interested. 

2 Day Authentic Translation Clinic

$ 200 CAD

 2 day Clinic

Raindrop Technique

$ 160 CAD

Horse Chiropractic

$ 75.00 CAD


Behavior Modification Distant

$ 40.00 CAD


Problem Solving Distant

$ 40.00 CAD


Body Balancing

$ 75.00 CAD


Horse Training per month

$ 1500.00 CAD


Chronic or Difficult Cases Personal per week

$ 450 CAD