Help with your Horse


I thought I would start with a little bit about my riding abilities. I started 4-H and Pony Club when I was 3. Yes, I know you aren't allowed in Pony Club until you are able to read and write. My brother was in Red Deer Pony Club at the time and my mom thought I was easier to look after on the back of my pony so I came along. Quickly, I started doing everything the kids in my brother's class was doing. Jumping Cross-Country, Stadium and Dressege. I wasn't officially involved but I was having a ball. I am still amazed about the number of people who remember me from that time.


I have done almost everything you can possibly do on the back of a horse. Rodeo, 4-H, Pony Club,  Three Day Eventing, Tetrathlon, Mountain Trail Riding, Polo(only once), Hunter/Jumper, Light Horse Shows, Gymkanna, Prince Philip Games, Sleighriding, Pony Express Racing, Flat Racing, a little bit of reining and driving Standard Bred Pacers. I have been to the Regional 4-H Show many times(winning the trail class more than a few times). I literally have hundreds of ribbons and many trophies. I excelled in the Pony Club and Three Day Eventing during my day. I was picked for the Young Riders Eventing team in 1989 but broke my collarbone just one month prior. I did get the experience though, as a groom and that taught me alot too. As you can see, I love horses and have enjoyed them in many ways. My husband says that I can do anything asked of me with a horse(Of course, I pay him well!)   


When I was about fourteen years old, I realized not everyone could talk to horses. I had been doing it ever since I could remember. I didn't know other people didn't know what their horse was feeling or thinking. I didn't tell anyone though, because I didn't want to seem weird. I pretended I wasn't aware of anything different. I loved knowing I had a little insider information. Many years past without anything exciting happening to make me take a real look at this talent. Then in 1995 I became very ill and was bedridden. I promised myself when I got better, I would utilize my abilities and not take advantage of them anymore. That is what I did. I honed my skill and got better and better at it. Now it is natural and easy to do. I haven't met a horse that doesn't have a lot to say. It is so much fun and very informative but best of all it allows me to know exactly what every horse needs in order to feel better.


In 1996, I took my first course in Touch for Health. An amazing body balancing technique that incorporates applied kineseology, or muscle testing. I was hooked so I enrolled for the whole gamet. These courses taught me how to treat any ailment and gave the confidence to do it. I learned all about the skeletal, lymphatic, muscular, and nervous systems of humans. How they work and what they need to be maintained or corrected. Five courses later, I was done and had all my certificates. The next step was taking the Horse course which takes all the knowledge of Touch for Health and applies it to the horses. I knew I had found my calling.


I began to notice that a lot of horses and owners were struggling to get along well. Horses seemed unhappy and so it follows that the owners were too. When a horse is misbehaving there is always a reason, many times it is physical, which causes them to become mentally upset as well. All horses inheritantly want to do what we ask, and how we ask it. They just need us to see where they are hurting or what it is that they need. I knew I could help horse owners with my unique talent, so I set out to do so.


My family has always been involved in some kind of horse recreation. My dad raced some horse for people on the little dirt tracks when he was very young. We enjoyed 4-H, pony club and going to the mountains trail riding. Later my dad raced Standardbreds on a local B circuit and it was fantastic. I was young then and really enjoyed all the excitement of goint to the different race tracks and playing wiht the horses after the races. My best friend and I rode all the pacers everywhere.


My grandfather travelled from South Dakota to Alberta by covered wagon with his entire growing family entow. After he homesteaded in Alberta he became know as the local vetrinarian because of his skills with horses. He could help most any animal and he delivered some of his own children including my dad. Later he races pro chuckwagons for many years. He himself was terrified in the big wagon at high speed so the boys drove for him but he picked and trained the horses. It was a great love of his.


I realize now that both my dad and my grandfather could also talk to the horses. My dad is unaware of this and my grandfather died before I was born so I am unsure whether he knew he had this wonderful gift or not. They both could tame or ride or drive horses other could not. My dad once trained a broken down horse back to the big track Calgary and Edmonton, he won many races. As soon as Zan Dee was claimed away, he began to lose again and was retired.


My first pony was thirty-nine when he died, the day I left on my honeymoon. Blackie taught me many things about horses and about life,including how to ride and what horses need to be happy. I owe him alot. I was very lucky to have many wonderful, special horses in my lifetime and I know that I have only reached the tip of the iceberg. I look forward to meeting and helping many many horses.


Thank you for taking an interest in my story and my abilities.